MPD16 Utility software

MPD16 Utility software 1.01

Manager for the MP16 USB/MIDI Pad unit
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Set the desired parameters for the MP16 Pad on your PC and save them so that you don't have to go through this process every time.

The Akai Professional MPD16 USB/MIDI Pad unit is a dedicated pad controller that can be used with any sampler/sound module or sequencer to record and play drum and percussion patterns with the expression and feel that only pads can offer.
Equipped with 16 totally assignable MPC pads switchable across two banks (giving you the use of 32 pads) plus a fader that can be mapped to any MIDI continuous controller, the MPD16 is the definitive laptop rhythm controller. The MPD16 has MIDI out so that it can be used with any sampler or sound module, and also features USB connectivity.
Each pad can be set to output MIDI notes of your choosing with a variable velocity range and these can all be set conveniently via your Mac or PC. The MPD16 inherits some of the MPC series’ features such as the full level and 16 level functions available on dedicated switches. The days of programming drums and percussion on a keyboard are over.

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